Ankeny Trail Head

Ankeny's hub for bikers, market and entertainment in a park located in one of Iowa's fastest growing communities.

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A Joint Venture of the:

Uptown Ankeny Association
Rotary Club of Ankeny
City of Ankeny
Ankeny Chamber of Commerce.


The park will be located between
W 1st Street and SW 3rd Street
and is currently owned by the
City of Ankeny.


The 3.1 acre park will include two
pavillions, a restroom building, 108
parking spaces, bicycle trailheads,
and plenty of open space.


Farmer's Market
Family Gatherings
Community Events

About Us

The Ankeny Farmer's Market will host up to 30 vendors each Saturday morning from May through September in this outdoor pavilion marketplace. The Market will welcome bikers, residents walking and children of all ages. Outdoor entertainment will fill this open area making this a gathering space for residents and visitors.


The opportunities of the trailhead are endless. Local markets can thrive in the weekly farmers market. Bike clubs can gather to cycle to the Trestle High Trail. This park can be the destination to celebrate at the end of a great ride. Families can enjoy local business offerings and community celebrations in this hub for fun.


The Partnership of the Ankeny Rotary, Uptown Association, Ankeny Chamber of Commerce, and City of Ankeny makes this community project a reality. This partnership is supported through volunteer organizations, local businesses and grants. This project was a vision beginning in 2012 by the Ankeny Rotary Club, Ankeny Rotary partnered with Ankeny Uptown Asssociation to begin the community efforts.

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